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Ates Accesories mainly serves its customers through online channels or at its physical stores. Online spare parts sales provide convenience and time savings for customers by enabling easy access. In physical stores, customers can examine products more closely and receive professional assistance.

Why Ates Accessories!

Auto spare parts, also known as automotive spare parts, are a general term for the parts used during the repair, maintenance, and renovation of vehicles. These parts constitute various components of the vehicles and ensure their safe and efficient operation.

Auto spare parts are used in many different systems of a vehicle, including the engine, transmission, braking system, suspension system, electrical and lighting systems, exhaust system, fuel system, cooling system, and more. Depending on the age, model, and brand of the vehicle, different parts may be used.

The auto spare parts industry is subject to strict standards to ensure the production of high-quality and reliable products. Therefore, original spare parts produced by automobile manufacturers generally meet the highest quality standards, and the use of original spare parts ensures the vehicle’s longevity and safe operation.

However, original spare parts can sometimes be expensive due to their prices. As a result, affordable spare parts produced by various manufacturers are also available. However, the quality of these affordable spare parts may not be as high as that of original spare parts.

Auto spare parts sellers offer a wide range of products to meet the various part needs of vehicles. These products can usually be purchased online or from stores.

Get to Know Us!

Ateş Spare Parts is a Turkish company that produces spare parts in the automotive industry. The company’s products include spare parts for various vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors, and construction machinery.

Ateş Spare Parts was established in Istanbul in 2022 and has been producing reliable and high-quality spare parts in the industry since then. The materials used in the production process are of high quality and comply with standards, and all products are covered by a warranty.

The company’s product range includes engine parts, transmission parts, suspension parts, brake parts, electrical components, steering parts, fuel system parts, cooling system parts, and various other spare parts.

Ateş Spare Parts aims to prioritize customer satisfaction and provide quality service, exporting its products to not only Turkey but also many other countries.